Philosophy: Principles and Problems

Bloomsbury (2005)

Roger Scruton shares the ideas and arguments which initially attracted him to the subject and those which have engaged his attention throughout his career.

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Spinoza: A Very Short Introduction

Oxford University press (2002)

Benedict de Spinoza (1632-77) was at once the father of the Enlightenment and the last sad guardian of the medieval world.

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Kant: A Very Short Introduction

Oxford University Press (2001)

Kant is arguably the most influential modern philosopher, but also one of the most difficult.

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Modern Philosophy: An introduction and survey

Penguin Books, (1994)

Philosopher Roger Scruton offers a wide-ranging perspective on philosophy, from logic to aesthetics, written in a lively and engaging way that is sure to stimulate debate.

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An Intelligent Person's Guide to Philosophy

Penguin 1996

"Philosophy's the 'love of wisdom', can be approached in two ways: by doing it, or by studying how it has been done," so writes the eminent philosopher Roger Scruton. In this user-friendly book, he chooses to introduce philosophy by doing it.

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On Human Nature

Princeton University Press (2017)

In this short book, acclaimed writer and philosopher Roger Scruton presents an original and radical defense of human uniqueness. Confronting the views of evolutionary psychologists, utilitarian moralists, and philosophical materialists such as Richard Dawkins and Daniel Dennett, Scruton argues that human beings cannot be understood simply as biological objects. 

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