Europe at a Crossroads The Virtue of Nationalism

Europe at a Crossroads Streamed live on 13 May 2019 Three decades after the fall of the Berlin Wall, Europe is once again at a crossroads. In the years since its creation, the European Union has become increasingly hostile to national identity and cultural uniqueness.

On Being Conservative Today. Berlin Conservative Library, June 17

On June 29, 2017,  Roger  spoke in the "Conservative Today" series of topics in the Library of Conservatism. Here you can see his speech "On Being Conservative" in full length:

The Music of the Future, Donaueschingen (Oct 16)

The Music of the Future.

Roger Scruton.

Important composers, from Schoenberg and Stravinsky to Ligeti and Stockhausen, have been premiered in this place and before this audience. Along with Darmstadt Donaueschingen has helped to restore Germany to the central place in European musical culture that it has occupied in the past and will always deserve. Now, in its latest and securest phase as the Musiktage, the Donaueschingen festival has become a symbol of musical modernism, and it is a great honour to be invited to speak from this podium to one of the most educated musical audiences in the world today. But in this short talk I will try to outline why I question the prominence in our musical culture of the experimental avant-garde.

"Autoritratto" The Alpine Fellowship, Venice. (Aug15)

'Self expression in the age of instant communication'

A symposium for artists, philosophers, poets, and musicians in association with the Fondazione Giorgio Cini.

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